Senin, 10 November 2014

Somerville screen No.2626

This screen is used for measurement of the content of chunky fibers in GP or MP. With MP, chunky fibers may cause a problem in the paper machine's plate section or during the drying process. Structurally, this equipment is similar to the No.2625. The difference is that this screen is provided with an injection nozzle at the center of the screen, through which clean water is flashed at a certain pressure onto the plates of the screen box, preventing clogging of the plate grooves and achieving superior screening.


Screen plateslit width 0.15 mmxlength 45 mm, 756 pieces
Section in contact with liquidSUS-304 (stainless steel)
Water injection8.6 dm2/min. pressure 18 psi (1.26 kg/cm2)
Vibration frequencyabout 700 rpm
Motorthree-phase 200/220 VAC, 0.4 kW, 50/60 Hz
Referential standardTAPPI UM-242
Outer dimensions600x650x1200 mm
Instrument weight112 kg

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