Kamis, 06 November 2014

Carbon Black Dispersion Tester UD-3500

Carbon black dispersion rating by the computer.  Storage and printing of the following pictures:    (1)Gray Level Analysis    (2)Dispersion    (3)Pixels Diameter




  • Pixel and dispersion analysis:
  • Based on method A and B of ASTM D-2663 of calculating and analyzing about particle numbers, diameter, distribution, and area etc.
  • Philips 10-grade automatic judgment :
  • Save the Philips 10-grade pictures and data as the standard for comparison in the meantime displaying the grade of the testing results.
  • User's free standard automatic judgment:
  • 1000 groups of file establishment space are provided so that users can set their own standard pictures for automatic comparison and grade judgment.
  • Agglomeration determination range setting and statistical analysis.
  • Automatically calculate thresholding values and eliminate bubbles after thresholding.


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