Kamis, 06 November 2014

Rotorless Rheometer

Special designed rheometer for silicon rubber testing.






  1. With VCH software, the accuracy of die oscillating frequency and torque transmission can be checked automatically.
  2. Our U-CAD software provides contour lines of physical properties to help the users choosing excellent formula matching easily.


  1. In compliance with manufacturing standards ASTM D5289 , ISO 6502.
  2. Providing S', S", S*, ML, MH, CRI, loss angle, tangent δ, etc.
  3. Plots and % of compounding homogeneity variation.
  4. Excellent reproducibility and repeatibility by our exclusive DSP analyzing program.
  5. Automatically calibrate loss angle and torque.
  6. High sampling rate up to 1200 points per one oscillating sign wave to reflect the curing and chemical interaction.
  7. Automatic zero adjustment at every start of testing.
  8. High speed temperature recovery.

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