Kamis, 28 September 2017



The spot-weldable SFO-W is a fi ber optic strain gauge compatible with most of Roctest’s fi ber optic readout units and dataloggers. The SFO-W consists of a small diameter stainless steel tube welded on a steel sheet. It is suitable for spotwelding on steel surfaces. The sensor is based on a unique fi ber optic strain gauge which constitutes a breakthrough in fi ber optic sensing. The extrinsic Fabry-Perot strain gauge is bonded inside the steel tube, thereby following the tensile or compressive movements of the spot-welded gauge. The SFO-W gauge is designed to be installed by a technician without the assistance of a skilled welder. The SFO-W gauge is intended for long-term, precise strain measurements on a variety of structures. It can be installed on fl at or cylindrical surfaces.


  • Immune to EMI/RFI/Lightning
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Static/dynamic response
  • High sensitivity and resolution: 0.01% of full scale
  • Low profile
  • Signal transmitted over long distances
  • No interference due to fi ber bending
  • Absolute measurements in engineering units
  • Data acquisition compatible


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