Jumat, 29 September 2017

X-ray Generator TRIX-150L & TRIX-150S


TRIX series is installed type X-ray generator with high-power, highly stable and high-frequency inverter generator. In addition by using soft X-ray region, it has a wide range of tube voltage.
kV and mA are configurable externally. Possible for continence exposure.


  • General photography equipment for industrial applications
  • Line sensor devices
  • Irradiation apparatus
  • Fluoroscopic inspection system
  • CT inspection system etc


TRIX-150L30.0-150.0kV Large focus: 1.0-3.0mASmall focus: 0.5-2.0mA
TRIX-150S30.0-150.0kVLarge focus: 1.0-2.4mASmall focus: 0.5-1.4mA

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