Jumat, 29 September 2017

Vibration Pen TIME 7230


Vibration Pen TIME 7230


  • Two display modes: digital value mode and spectrum mode
  • Large memory function: 100 x 100 measured results (100 testing points, 100 data can be stored in each testing points), 100 spectrograms (each testing point can store one spectrogram)
  • Spectrogram can display in real time
  • Histogram can be made according to the preset alarm line
  • Upper /lower limits pre-setting and sound alarm if test results out of limitation, which leads to spectrum analysis mode automatically
  • Connected to PC with advanced software for more analysis needs
  • Integrated with printer to print out the testing result
  • 300 x 200 matrix LCD display with backlight
  • Two probes for option: low and high sensitivity


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