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Model-1590-01 is a 1-channel type VIBRATION MONITOR using a non contact displacement sensor.
Model-1590-03 is designed to indicate the larger displacement of the two radical vibration displacements of a rotor, and also to give an alarm, when vibration exceeds the preset value.
Two high limits of alarming are provided. A delay timer for preventing wrong alarming is incorporated.


Vibration displacement monitor unitModel-1590-011set
Non-contact displacement sensorTQ-4021piece
Signal conditioner for sensorIQS-4521piece
(between signal conditioner and monitor)
Remarks: Model-1590-03 contains 2sets of TQ-402, IQS-452 and cable.


Measuring contents1590-01Seismic vibration displacement
1590-03Indicating the larger displacement of the two radial displacements of a rotor.
Frequency range1590-015Hz-50Hx ±5%
1590-032Hz-100Hz ±5%
Measuring range0-600μmp-p/FS
Indicator scaleSame as the above. Minimum scale is 1/30 of FS and GAP 0-4mmp-p.
Signal inputTerminal on the rear panel.
Input sensitivity conforms to TQ402/IQS452
Monitor output10Vp-p/FS, Load: 500Ωmax.
1590-01: Displacement wave signal, Terminal of the front panel.
1590-03: Displacement wave signal of X,Y direction.
BNC connector of the front panel.
OK Monitor lampLamp indication in normal ready condition.
Relay contact outputSPDT(both ALERT and DENGER output)
Capacity AC: 220Vmax, 4Amax, 400VAmax.
DC: 110Vmax, 3Amax,50Wmax.
Alarm delay actionAuto resetting action, Delay 60sec.
Recorder outputDC 4-20mA, Load: 500Ωmax.
Signal inputTerminal on the rear panel.
Power requirementAC220V ±10% 50/60Hz 20VA max.
TemperatureOperating: 0-50°C, Storage: -20-+70°C

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