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VIBRATION INSTRUMENT Ultra-Mini Charge Amplifier Model-4035


Model-4035 charge amplifier is to directly amplify output signals transmitted from
piezo-electric type pickups for precise measurement of vibration.


¦Frequency Characteristics:0.5Hz to 100KHz+1,-3dB
 1Hz to 50KHz±1dB
 5Hz to 20KHz±0.5dB
¦Full Scale Sensitivity 
Model 4035(Standard Version):1V/1pC to 10,000pC
Model 4035-01(High Sensitivity Version):1V/0.1pC to 1,000pC
Full-Scale Range of Model-4035 (Standard Version) is as follows:
1.00 to 9.99pC/UNIT :1,3,10,30,100,300,1000UNIT/FS
10.0 to 99.9pC/UNIT :0.1,0.3,1,3,10,30,100UNIT/FS(in Indicated Values on the Panel).
100 to 999pC/UNIT :0.01,0.03,0.1,0.3,1,3,10UNIT/FS
¦Output Characteristics 
AC Output:±1V/FS
Non-Distortion Max. Output Voltage:±10V(Loaded Resistance:Larger than 10kΩ)
DC Output:+1VDC/FS,5mA Max.(To call "Model-4035-xx-D"
when ordering)
¦Noise Level:0.008PCrms + 0.005pCRMS per 1,000pF of source 
capacitance referred to input or 5mVrms referred to
output ,which is greater.
¦Accuracy:Within ±1.5% throughout the whole range at 1,000Hz
and at 1,000pF or lower in input capacity.
¦Overload Indication:The overload warning lamp lights up when exceeding
the linear sphere.
¦Temperature/Humidity Range:-20°C +60°C(0.05%/°C),90% RH or lower.
¦Power Supply:±9V to ±15V, 20mA Max.
¦Dimensions and Weight:34.5(W)×99(H)×152(D)mm,1,000g.
Power Supply Units:Dimensions and weight: 69(W)×99(H)×152(D)mm,
Model-4035-10M:For 100VAC,complete with CAL signals and 10CH
Switching AC Meter, for 10CH Max.
Model-4035-16M:For both 100VAC and 12VDC.

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