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Under ground metal detector AR924+


A metal detector uses an electromagnetic field to detect the presence of a concealed metal object. Metal detectors are used at security checkpoints to detect metallic weapons, but they cannot detect weapons made of plastic or ceramic. They are used to find gold and coins in the ground, and can also find land mines


  • Power :3.7V Li Battery and charge
  • Product Color: DarkGray
  • LCD Size :86.0*68.0mm
  • Product Net Weight: 2.5Kg
  • Product Size : 30x30x113.5mm
  • Unit packing: douleblister+ paper box
  • Unit box packing size(1pcs/box): 32cm x 16cm x 39cm, N.G: 2.8kg
  • Quantity Per Carton: 6 box per carton(6 pcs/ctn)
  • Carton size(6 box/ctn): 65.5*49.5*41.5cm,
  • Carton  W.G: 17.0KG


  • Maximum Explore Depth: 1.5m(1*1m Aluminium board) 
  • Capable of detecting a 10 cent coin with 1.0inch /25.0mm size  at up to 60cm 
  • Metal Distinguish:Detects variety of metals with easily, nonferrous and ferrous metalmetal Metal Distinguish
  • "Ground" setting to avoid false signals from mineralised soil 
  • Detectable Indication: Audio/LCD---- A: Variable discriminating audio tone B: LCD viewing screen:4 Inch Large backlit LCD Display Function  
  • Explore Frequency: 455kHZ±2kHZ
  • earphone Frequency: 450kHZ±2kHZ 
  • Auto Power Shut Off 
  • Low Battery Indication 
  • Working Temperature :10°C-60°C 
  • Reserve Temperature: -28°C-65°C 
  • Batteries can recharge: 3.7V 2000mA Li Battery 
  • Torch Light: Built-in LED flashlight 
  • Sensitivity Adjustable: Easy calibration to suit local conditions 
  • Suitable for wide range of applications

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