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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME2130


The principle of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is ultrasonic pulse reflection. The pulse was reflected back to the probe when the ultrasonic pulse sent by the probe reaches the material interface through the tested object. We can get the thickness of the measured material based on the accurate time that the ultrasonic transits in the material. Time Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge series are non-destructive testing instrument integrated with modern scientific electronic and measuring technology. They are equipped with microcomputers that can analyze, handle and display the current data. Furthermore, they are integrated with highly optimized measuring circuit, which makes them have the advantage of high measurement accuracy, wide measurement range, being easy to operate, stable working and so on.


  • Advanced handheld ultrasonic thickness gauge
  • Suitable for most metallic and non-metallic materials ultrasonic can go through
  • Auto-calibration of zero point, correction of system error
  • Display current thickness or minimum thickness (menu selectable)
  • Upper-lower limits setting and sound alarm
  • Memory of 500 stored values
  • Two point calibration for high accuracy
  • Display resolution 0.1mm/0.01mm selectable
  • Display in mm or inch
  • Large LCD display with adjustable backlight
  • Low battery indicator
  • TIME2130: can be used with high frequency transducer for thickness testing of thin work piece, and auto-calibration is available


Measuring range 0.75mm-225.0mm (steel)
Tolerance±0.5% H +0.01mm
Lower limits of steel pipesφ20mm x 3.0mm
φ15mm x 2.0mm
Display resolution0. 1mm/0.01mm or 0.01/0.001inch
Data outputRS232 Output for printer or pc
Sound velocity1000m/s~9999m/s
Power supply2pcs AA batteries (2pcs) 1.5V
Battery life100 hours without backlight
Sound speed1000m/s~9999m/s
Unit scalesmm/inch
Surface temperature-10?~ +60?

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