Selasa, 26 September 2017

QC-641 Dupont Impact Tester


Dupont Impact Tester. This tester is aim to test the impact endurance of coating material (after coated); The coating face of specimen face up, connect with specified radius “Impact Head”, use a certain “Weight” to impact the “Impact Head” on a fixed height, after impacted, check the damage of coating or deformation. To do an impacting test for painting and coating materials is to use an impacting head with various round angles to touch the specimen in the beginning, and then a selected weight free dropping from a certain height to hit the impacting head to impact the specimen. Running the same way to test three more specimens, and put and leave them for an hour, and then watch if there is crack on the painting.


Specs Description
 Impact Height 50~500mm
 Impact Load 300g,500g,1000g
 Dimension 42 x 26 x 100 (H) cm
 Weight 45kg
 Impact Head Radius 1/2",1/4",3/16",1/8"

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