Jumat, 29 September 2017

Portable X-ray generator RIX-MC series (Pulse Type)


RIX series are small-sized, lightweight and power-saving X-ray generator suitable for imaging flaws in steel structures and welds of pipeline.


  • Lightweight & Small Size
  • For easy operation on site, the RIX ceramics series has a small-sized and light weighted X-ray generator. It provides a significant performance for Radiographic Testing (RT), even under narrow areas and with a single operator.
  • Energy-Saving Design
  • Design of low energy consumption, allows to use the power source from ordinary household electricity.
  • Full Automatic & Easy Operation
  • Tube voltage and exposure time can be digitally monitored. The preset function allows continuous exposure with just a single touch of button.
  • X-ray Leakage Reduction
  • According to the JIS-Z-4606 (Japanese Industrial Standard) X-ray dose rate regulation, RIX- Ceramic series has lowered leakage level much less than the permissible leakage dose rate of 4.3 Gy/h set by JIS-Z-4606 (Japanese Industrial Standard).
  • Automatic Aging
  • Daily operation for aging is automatically made within a short time.
  • Circuit Protection System
  • In case of any abnormality, the device will automatically shuts down the exposure and the self-diagnosis function will be activated.
  • Self-Diagnosis Function
  • In case any abnormality, the monitoring system displays the cause of irregularity.
  • The monitor mechanism informs the content on the control board when abnormality is found.
  • (Contents of self-diagnosis: Cable disconnection, gas pressure drop, temperature relay, over voltage, excess current, under current, and abnormality in high-voltage generator

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