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MM-W1A Vertical Universal Friction & Wear Testing Machine


MM-W1A Vertical Universal Friction and Wear Testing Machine. Its function and application are similar to FALEX6# Multi-Specimen Test Machine of USA. It is designed for simulating, evaluating and testing all kinds of high-class serial hydraulic oil, combustion oil, gear oil. It is used in tribology field, petrol chemical industry, mechanical, energy resource, metallurgy, space flight, universities, institutes etc.


Max. capacity (KN)
Load range
0.4% ~ 100% FN
Reading error below 200N (N)
≤± 2
Relative reading error above 200N
≤± 1%
Relative error of long time auto hold reading value
≤± 1% FN
Return zero error of digital display device of test force reading value
≤± 0.2% FN
Max friction moment (N*m)
Relative error of friction moment reading value
≤± 2%
Friction load cell (N)
Friction arm distance (mm)
Return zero error of digital display device of friction moment reading value
≤± 0.2% FN
Stepless speed variation (r/min)
Special deceleration system
Over 100r/min, error of spindle speed
≤± 5rpm
Below 100r/min, error of spindle speed
≤± 1rpm
Testing media
Oil, water, muddy, abrasive material
Heater work range
Ambient temperature to 260?C
Disc type heater
Φ65, 220V, 250W
Jacketing heater
Φ70x34, 220V, 300W
Temperature measuring control accuracy
Conicity of spindle of testing machine
Max. distance between spindle and lower disc
≥ 75mm
Spindle control mode
Manual control, time control, revolution control, friction moment control
Time display & Control range
0s~9999 min
Revolution display &  Control range
Output maximum moment of main motor (N*m)
Dimension (mm)
Weight (Kg)
Approx 450

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