Senin, 25 September 2017

Metal Detector for Pharmacy


Quick Details:
Operation Mode: TFT Touch Screen     Product Storage :99 kinds   Rejecter: Automatically Rejected

It can be used after some pharmaceutical equipment such as the tablet press, the capsule filling machine and the sieve machine.


  1. High frequency running mode, greatly enhance the detection sensitivity.
  2. Accurate and efficient rejecter, minimize material waste.
  3. Comply with pharmaceutical regulations and standards, its manufacture is in accordance with the GMP standard
  4. Touch-screen displays, easy to set up and operate
  5. The height and angle of the device can be easily adjusted, casters ensure easy to move


  1. High sensitivity and stability.
  2. CE,ISO9001
  3. Product memory :99 kinds
  4. TFT Touch Screen
  5. Easy to set up and operate

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