Kamis, 28 September 2017

Holiday Detector | DC-CREST


High Voltage Direct Current Crest Meter, Jeep Meter or Volt Meter
Measuring Ranges: 0 to 30,000 volts
For verifying output voltage and the calibration of Direct Current type Porosity and Holiday Detectors
Verification of output voltage and set voltage of detectors when a load is applied to the probe of Direct Current Type Porosity Detectors.
To ensure accuracy, and enable voltage adjustment (if necessary)


  • Used for checking and calibrating Direct Current Porosity Detector output voltage
  • Integral probe
  • Compact, light weight hand-held unit
  • Conformance Certificate
  • Carrying case: 14" x 11.5" x 7" (36 x 29 x 18 cms)
  • 0 to 30kV (autoranging) Traceable Certification available


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