Kamis, 28 September 2017

Embedded Strain Gauges EM Series


The EM is composed of two end pieces joined by a tube that protects a length of steel wire. The wire is sealed
in the tube by a set of o-rings on each end piece. Both end pieces have a fl at circular fl ange to allow transfer
of concrete deformation to the wire. An electromagnet is fitted at the center of the gauge. Strain developing in
the concrete modifi es the tension in the wire, therefore changing its resonant frequency, which is read by the
electromagnet. The EM-5 is the standard model and is used in different types of structures, as mentionned above. The EM-10 consists of a rugged version to be embedded in concrete with coarse aggregates. The shorter EM-2 model is designed for laboratory use or for limited spaces. Unless specifi ed otherwise, the  gauge tension is factoryadjusted at mid-range. The gauge is very compliant. It does not induce stresses
in the host media and can therefore be embedded in young curing concrete as well as in hard, synthetic materials such as resins, fi berglass and urethane. A thermistor inside the EM supplies information on the
effects of temperature on the materials.


  • Long-term reliability.
  • High resolution and accuracy.
  • 3000 Microstrain range.
  • Very high compliance.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Temperature reading.
  • Flanges fi tted with mounting holes.
  • Frequency signal easy to process and transmit over long distances.


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