Selasa, 26 September 2017



The Tab has a 32 Gb memory, and a very complete database which classifies a huge quantity of information The sensor is composed by a very strong laboratory scale completely manufactured in France in stainless steel by Agro Technologie on which is screwed the usb camera. The 2.0 Mb Usb microscope included in this device has been manufactured by a wellknown optical company in Asia, it is equiped with a polarizer in order to obtain high color definition. The software has been developped by our mother company Apollinaire Ltd, which is an aerospace subcontractor, equiping many airplanes in the world as well as space launchers


As soon as the weight is stabilized during half a second, it is registered • A photo of the fruit is taken automatically and analyzed by the software installed on the tablet (included) • 4 numbers are registered in the database : The weight, the quantity of red, green and blue (Described by a number between 0 and 256)

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