Selasa, 26 September 2017

Agro Size


No more manual caliper, no templates.... Your fruits cross the door, their size is automatically registered. The data is classified by batch names The software proposes complete database management (delete old batches, rename batches, export to Excel, print, display comparative graphs...


3 different sizes of instruments are proposed for each main version : - Agrosize 1 type : From cherries to apricots and plums New : For Cherries, you can choose the ROW scale as well as mm or inch - Agrosize 2 type : From mandarins to tomatoes and apples - Agrosize 3 type : From oranges to grapefruits and mangos - Special sizes on demand


Touchscreen is a portable device, autonomous with 2 batteries. Memory : 32 Gb, embedded with an Intel processor, resistive touchscreen, stylet. The tablet is working under Windows 7 operating system (Same software as the X version) - But you don’t have to use windows (Which is hidden by the Agrosize software, starting automatically when you switch on the tablet - Closed automatically when you switch off the tablet

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