Jumat, 14 November 2014

Zahn cup No.2285

This instrument is used for measuring viscosity of gravure printing ink, etc. The cup is immersed in the subject liquid. On pulling up the cup from the liquid, start the stopwatch to measure the time till the liquid is completely discharged from the cup. Select a suitable cup so that the time length may be within 20 to 40 seconds.


CupOrifice diameterMeasurement range (cst)
22 mmapprox. 0 to 70
33 mmapprox. 20 to 250
44 mmapprox. 80 to 700
55 mmapprox. 200 to 1000
66 mmapprox. 400 to 2000
77 mmapprox. 900 to 3000
Referential standardJIS Z-8803-1991
Outer dimensions40x40x350 mm
Instrument weight100g

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