Kamis, 13 November 2014

TAPPI standard sheet machine No.2545

It is necessary to make specimens in different conditions, to study how the paper characteristics are influenced by various elements including pulp material, pulping conditions, conditioning of raw materials such as beating method, filler and sizing agent. Paper making with this machine is standardized by JIS and ISO for preparing a small amount of sheets easily and rapidly. This machine is also used for measuring the drainage time according to the TAPPI standard.


Paper making size158 mm in diameter, 200 cm2
Wire clothupper 150 mesh or 80 mesh, of bronze lower 20 mesh, of bronze
Drainage time (water)4.0+0.2 seconds, 200C+10C
Accessoriesagitator, couch roll, couch plate, drainage receiver, cylinder rest
Optionalmounting support, stainless steel wire cloth
Referential standardsJIS P-8222-1998, ISO 5269/1,
TAPPI T205om-88, TAPPI T-221om-88
Outer dimensions1000x750x1340 mm (with support)
Instrument weight78 kg (with support)

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