Selasa, 11 November 2014

Stroboscope | LS-6000

The new Series LS Linear Stroboscope is offered in a 10 and 15 inch width. They are designed to provide an extremely bright, uniform light source that is typically required to perform visual inspection of narrow and wide web-type products such as; labels, printed material, textile fabrics, metals, non-wovens and more. Two or more units can be combined for continuous inspection of wider webs.

Flash frequency can be automatically synchronized to varying web speeds using an external sensor or user-controlled using a precision adjustment knob located on the rear control panel.Flash intensity (brightness) can also be manually adjusted via an adjustment knob or controlled externally using a 0-6 Vdc inpu


  • Super-bright Xenon Tube and highly-polished hammertone reflector combines to generate industry-leading light intensity and uniformity
  • Models are offered in 10 inch (250 mm) and 15 inch (380 mm) widths
  • Internal and External control of flash rate and flash intensity (brightness)Steel enclosure is specifically-designed to efficiently dissipate heat eliminating the need for bulky heat sinks
  • 2 or more LS models can be connected to each other for wider web coverage


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