Selasa, 11 November 2014

Stroboscope | LS-5-LED

The new LS-5-LED is a high-performance LEDs produce a bright/sharp image and uniform light distribution for web widths up to 12" (300mm) and wider.

High Light Output: 80 high-performance LEDs provide powerful light intensity. The large, homogenous illumination surface delivers superb results in diffi cult light conditions, making the LS-5-LED suitable for a wide range of measurement, observation and inspection functions, especially for demanding applications, such as those in the printing industry.

Superb image sharpness: Adjustable fl ash duration from 1 to 1000 ì seconds, allows you to easily fi nd the best combination between light intensity and sharp images for every application.

Flexible adjustments for all applications: Alternatively, the stroboscope can be controlled directly by the trigger signal of your system without the need for additional control units or by various strobe control devices. When using these trigger options simultaneously, you can easily alternate between the signal inputs.

Additional control options: LS-5-FCM: A simple and inexpensive unit for controlling fl ash frequency. You simply insert this small control unit into one of the sockets on the reverse side of the device.

LS-5-RCU: For adjusting the fl ash frequency, phase shift, delay time and trigger divider. This unit is connected to the stroboscope by cable and provides the convenience of remote control even if the stroboscope within your machine is diffi cult to access.


  • Light intensity of 6000 Lux peak
  • Extremely bright and uniform light distribution for web widths up to 12" (300mm) and wider.
  • Connections include two trigger inputs and one trigger output. Power can be connected in either of these three locations.
  • LEDs provide lifetime use and never require replacement.
  • Powered by 24 VDC, An optional universal AC-DC power supply is available.
  • For web widths greater than 12" (300mm), two or more strobes can be connected in parallel.


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