Senin, 10 November 2014

Spectrometer | EDX Pocket 3

EDX-Pocket Ⅲ is a handheld energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer specially developed for field and on-site analysis with the characteristics of small volume, light weight and handheld. The serial models are such ashazardous substance analyzer, alloy grade analyzer, soil analyzer, precious metal analyzer, minerals analyzer.

EDX-Pocket 3 can be widely used in fields such as minerals analysis, geographic analysis, scrap metals recycling analysis and archeology research. Samples are including all natural minerals, slag, rocks, soils slurry ranging from sulfur to uranium; they have solid, liquid and powder forms.EDX-P series are the instruments really realizing on-site analyzer fully condensing wisdom and painstaking effort of Napco people after years of preparation and development. EDX-P is of high quality, highconfigurations and outstanding characteristics. It brings you brand-new visual impact by its streamlined line, exhibits unique charm by its magnificent colors, displays beauty of science and technology by its exquisite kernel, safeguards itself well by its reliable protection devices and shows humanity concern by its smallness and handiness.


  • Model: EDX-Pocket Ⅲ handheld energy dispersive mineral analyzer
  • Detector: 13mm 1 electro-cooling Si-PIN detector
  • Excitation source: mini 40kV/50μA X-ray tube, Ag anode end window
  • Detection time: 10-200 S (handheld or seat)
  • Forms: Solid, liquid, powder
  • Measurable range: S-U
  • 26 elements can be tested simultaneously
  • Detection limit: 0.001%~0.01%
  • Correction: Ag
  • Safety: Administrator model with in-built password, no operators can use it without authorization
  • Data usage: Edited inside PDA, and stored in PC for saving and printing. Massive storage card is supplied
  • Power: Operating time of two fully-charged Lithium batteries is no less than 8 hours
  • Weight: 1.35KG
  • Ambient temperature: -20℃-+50℃;
  • Ambient humidity: not less than 85%

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