Kamis, 06 November 2014


This handy resonant testing machine is ideal for tests on small specimens in fatigue or fracture mechanics. Another application is in the accompaniment of production processes (welded joints) for quality control. The machine is also frequently used within „Hot Cells“ in nuclear technology. It can be additionally equipped for operating with a manipulator.


Max. bending moment ≤ 160 Nm
Max. dyn. bending moment ≤ 160 Nm
Max. stat. bending moment ≤ 100 Nm
Max. tension load (with tension/compression module) ≤ 8 kN
Dimensions: BxHxT Machine: 50x20x32 cm
Control panel: 50x32x37 cm
Weights Machine: 50 kg
Control panel: 30 kg
Power supply 230 V / 6 A
Max. testing frequencies (depending on the mounted head) up to 250 Hz, in steps
Max. oscillating angle (depending on the mounted head) ± 3°, adjustable
Max. specimen dimensions for bending 24x12x120 mm

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