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Clark stiffness tester (automatic type) No.2046

This machine measures the stiffness of paper, fiber and film by the self-weight flexing method. Typical specimens are papers of small basis weight such as newspaper and thin paper. The specimen is pinched between a set of rolls, and the rolls are turned slowly in both directions. The length of specimen projection from the rolls is measured, when the deflection angle of the specimen from one side to the other becomes 90 degrees. Based on this length, the Clark stiffness is determined. Conventionally, this test has required skilled technique and much time of operation, which would often cause inter-operator error. Aimed at solving such problems and labor saving, we have developed this tester that performs a series of operation steps automatically.


Typefully automatic with digital display
Measurement methodper JIS (Clark stiffness), both methods A and B are available
Specimen length100 to 500 mm, to be input from the ten-key Maxim critical length on display 46 cm while measuring
Specimen feed switchEven with a long specimen, measurement is done in a short time, by adjusting the projection length.
Specimen width15 to 50 mm (typically 30 mm) Selectable among 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 (mm) by the selection switch.
Specimen directionMD, CD, non-directional
Selection of test methodSelectable between methods A and B by the selection switch.
Determination of bending angle Method A: 90-degree bending,
Method B: bending at an acute angle and at an obtuse angle
(the critical length is obtained by calculation from the extending length)
Flexing speed1 rpm (rotation speed of specimen)
Data displayCritical length and stiffness are shown digitally
OptionalAcrylic case
Referential standardsJIS P-8143-1996, TAPPI T451 cm-84
Power sourcesingle-phase 100/110 VAC 50/60 Hz 1A
Outer dimensions320x385x480 mm
Instrument weight18 kg

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