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TH210 Shore Durometer


TH210 is a digital Shore D hardness tester. It has the advantage of precise measurement, being easy to operate, being convenient to carry, attractive appearance and so on. It is a digital durometer for hardness testing of hard rubber, plastics and such substances.


  • Digital durometer for Shore D hardness testing
  • Pocketsize model with integrated probe
  • Standards: DIN 53505, ASTM D 2240, ISO 7619, JIS K7215
  • RS232 data output
  • Operating stand optional
  • Bright & clear LCD display
  • 300 hours continuous use with standard batteries
  • Automatically switch off
  • Battery low indication and alarm


Test scale available
Shore D
DIN53505, ASTMD2240, ISO 7619, 
JIS K7215
Hardness result, Average value, 
Max. value(Peak value lock), Battery indication
Data output
Measuring range
Measurement deviation
Within 20~90 HD, error≤±1HD
Display resolution
0.2 unit
Operating temperature
0~40 ?
Power requirements
3×1.55V (SR44) Button batteries or
4.5V AC/DC adapter
Battery life
300 Hours
173mm× 56mm×42mm

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