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Surface Roughness Tester TIME3221


Measurement Range:400μm
Stylus tip Radius:5μm
Measuring force:4mN


  • High accuracy inductance pickup;
  • Filtering methods of 2RC, GAUSS;
  • Compatible with four standards of ISO1997, ANSI and JIS2001;
  • TFT LCD displays all parameters and graphs;
  • Can be connected to TIME TA230 printer to print all parameters and graphs;
  • Built-in standard RS232 interface and USB interface;
  • Language: Simplified Chinese/English;
  • Shut off automatically or manually;
  • External pickup design, small driver and simple to use.


Test PrincipleInductance type
Measurement Range400μm
Stylus tip Radius5μm
Stylus tip MaterialDiamond
Measuring force4mN
Stylus tip Angle90°
Radius of Skid curvature45mm
Maximum drive range19mm/0.748inch
Traversing speedMeasuring? Cut off length = 0.08 mm Vt=0.25 mm/s
Cut off length = 0.25 mm Vt=0.25mm/s
Cut off length = 0.8 mm Vt=0.5 mm/s
Cut off length=2.5mm Vt=1mm/s
Returning V=1mm/s
AccuracyLess than or equal to ±10%
Cut-Off Length0.08mm?0.25mm?0.8mm?2.5mm selectable
Evaluation Length(1~5 )L selectable
Measuring range and resolutionMeasuring RangeResolution
Automatic0.001μm ?0.008μm
PowerBuilt-in Li battery
Power adapterInput: 100 V?240VAC?50/60Hz Output: 9V, 3A
Working environmentTemperature: 0?~40?
Humidity: < 90% RH
Storage and transport
Temperature: - 40? ~ 60?
Humidity: < 90% RH
Dimensions155.4×75×53mm (main unit) 120.5×25.5×28.5mm (Driver)
WeightApproximately580g (main unit)Approximately 165 g (Driver)

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