Kamis, 28 September 2017

Surface Jointmeter Model RTF 1D/3D


The RTF surface jointmeter consists of a vibrating wire, potentiometer, LVDT or fi ber optic displacement transducer and a set of mounting brackets. The sensor is housed in a rugged cylindrical enclosure which end is fi tted with a spring-loaded rod. The bracket containing the transducer(s) is mounted on one side of the discontinuity and the bracket fitted with the reference surface(s) is mounted on the opposite side of the discontinuity. The spherical tip of the spring-loaded rod rests against the reference surface. The RTF surface jointmeter is available in either uniaxial (RTF 1D) or triaxial (RTF 3D) versions. The 3-D version allows simultaneous measurements in three orthogonal planes.


Rugged, waterproof up to 2 MPa, stainless steel sensor enclosure.
Easy installation.
Vibrating wire, potentiometer, LVDT or fiber optic transducers.
Adaptable to uneven surfaces.


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