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Hardness Tester TH161


Alat uji kekerasan bahan pengukur kekerasan besi alat uji kekerasan logam, material, machine venicle, spare parts. biasanya customer menghitung tingkat kekerasan untuk mengetahui tensile strenght dengan tidak merusak benda.


  • On-Board memory holds 240-1000 groups of data
  • Automatic identification Impact Devices and test direction (Except G impact device)
  • Time and date setting; auto-clock
  • Integral thermal printer, print all test results and histogram
  • Li Battery , low voltage indication and sound alarm
  • Dataview for PC operation
  • Upper / lower limits setting and sound alarm
  • Six impact devices avalible for different application
  • Large LCD with back-light, showing all functions and parameters
  • Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC,HV, HB, HS, HL
  • Conversion to tensile strength (U.T.S.)
  • Wide measuring range
  • TH161: cmpared with TH160, TH161 integrated with high precision impace device


Hardness scaleHL, HRC, HRB, HRA, HV, HB, HS
Memory240-1000 groups (Impact times:32-1)
Measuring rangeRefer to "wide measuring range of TIME hardness testers" and "testing
Accuracyaccuracy and repeatability" below
Tensile strength U.T.S. range374~2652 MPa
Standard Impact DeviceD
Optional Impact DevicesDC, D+15, G, C, DL
Max. Workpiece Hardness
Refer to "Technical specification of impact devices" below
Min. Radius of Workpiece (convex/concave)
Min. Workpiece weight
Min. Workpiece thickness
Min. thickness of hardened layers
PowerRechargeable Li-ion Battery
Continuous Working timeAbout 100h, (without printing and backlight)
Charging time2.5~4 hours
Operating temperature0~40?
Weight420 g (including Impact Device and printer)

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