Kamis, 28 September 2017

Holiday Detector | PU-CREST


High Voltage Pulse Crest Meter, Jeep Meter or Volt Meter

Measuring Ranges: 5,000 to 30,000 volts

For verifying output voltage and the calibration of Compact Pulse type Porosity and Holiday Detectors

Verification of output voltage and set voltage of detectors when a load is applied to the probe of Pulse Type Porosity Detectors.

To ensure accuracy, and enable voltage adjustment (if necessary).


Used for checking and calibrating Porosity Detector output voltage
Integral probe
Carrying case: 14" x 11.5" x 7" (36 x 29 x 18 cms)
Suitable for PCWI Pulse Compact Detectors ONLY
Compact, light weight hand-held unit
Conformance Certificate
Traceable Certification (to 20kV) available


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