Kamis, 28 September 2017

Digital Inclinometer System


The Roctest Telemac biaxial inclinometer system comprises a probe, cable reel and PDA. The probe is fi tted with guide wheels and contains two MEMS accelerometers measuring in A and B planes. It is connected by a graduated cable to the cable reel. The “read” button on the PDA or a remote handheld activator allow for the saving of readings from the accelerometers. These are transmitted cablefree to the PDA and saved via Bluetooth transmission. Completely redesigned to incorporate modern technology and materials, the DIS-500 Digital Bluetooth Inclinometer enables highly accurate reading of lateral defl ections. The Kevlar reinforced cable
provides strength while enabling signifi cant weight reductions. Wireless connection between the instrument and the PDA makes taking readings fast, simple and has none of the issues associated with fi eld connections. Strong but extremely light the instrument can be easily carried and used by one person. The modern answer to Inclinometer data gathering.


  • Digital from probe to PDA overcoming cable electrical resistance and noise issues.
  • No field connections required, avoids water ingress and connection failures.
  • Solid state electronics ensure long, trouble free use in a site environment
  • Light, easily portable by one person
  • Metal Marker/Cable Gate system ensures a high degree of accuracy and repeatability
  • PDA allows easy interface with most offi ce systems and applications.
  • Enhanced PDA Sofware provides a range of presentations with built in “currentborehole” back up facility.


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