Kamis, 28 September 2017

Portable Hardness Tester TIME5300


Based on the testing principle of Leeb hardness, TIME5300 portable hardness tester can test the hardness of various metal materials fast and conveniently. It can be used to test the hardness of steel, cast steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast aluminum alloy, copper zinc alloy (brass),copper tin alloy (bronze),pure copper, forging steel and so on. The pure English display menu makes it easy to operate. It also has the advantage of long stand-by time due to the internally-stalled NiMH rechargeable battery. It is suitable for testing those workpieces that have large volume or hard to move. It is especially for the work site and field working.


  • Simple menu, easy and convenient to use
  • Conversion of common hardness scales (HL, HV, HB, HRC, HRB, and HS) & Conversion of Tensile Strength
  • Screen display showing all the important values and information (including values,mean value(MEAN), numbers of measuring(NO.),date, impact direction, materials tested, hardness values and so on)
  • 7 types of Optional Impact Devices, with auto recognition, universal standard D type included
  • High accuracy and wide range options for testing(: including Steel and Cast steel, Forged Steel, Cold Work Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Gray Cast Iron, Nodular Cast Iron, Cast Aluminum Alloys, Brass (Copper-zinc alloys), Bronze (copper-aluminum/copper-tin alloys), Wrought Copper Alloys)
  • Measuring Direction:Any direction 360° even with probe pointing up
  • Indication for charge and easy change for rechargeable battery
  • Printer included and test values can be printed directly
  • Software calibration


Measuring range(170-960)HLD      (17.9-69.5)HRC
Hardness scaleHLD,HS,HB,HRB,HRC,HV
Measuring direction360°
Tolerance±6HLD(when HLD=760)
Repeatability6HLD(when HLD=760)
Diameter for printer paper40mm
Width for printer paper44.5±0.5mm
Charging time2-3.5 hour
Operating temperature0?-40?
Overall dimensions235×90×47mm
Max.Workpiece HardnessRefer to "Technical specification of impact devices" bel
Min.Radius of Workpiece (convex/concave)
Min. Workpiece weight
Min.Workpiece thickness
Min.thickness of hardened layers
 Measuring  rangeRefer to Refer to "wide measuring range of TIME hardness testers" and "testing accuracy and repeatability" below

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