Selasa, 26 September 2017

WAW-500C Servo Hydraulic UTM


WAW-C series computer controlled servo hydraulic universal testing machine (UTM) is mainly used to execute the tension, compression, bending, flexural etc. Test for metal materials. Attached with simple accessories and devices, it can be used to test wood, concrete, cement, rubber, and so on. It is very suitable for making test to different metal or nonmetal materials under high toughness and hardness against extreme big loading force. 

Standards:  ISO6892: Metallic materials  Tensile testing  Part 1: Method of test at room temperature

C Type Load Frame: The oil cylinder is at the bottom of the load frame. Tension space is at the upside and compression & bending spaces are between lower crosshead and working table. It is adopting oil hydraulic power to push the piston in the oil cylinder to provide loading force. The lower crosshead is driven by the motor and gear inside it to realize the adjustment of testing space. The leading screws are fixed into the machine seat and never turn during the space adjusting & testing to guarantee the machine stability and longer life span


  • Full computer controlled testing process.
  • Adopt oil-hydraulic automatic clamps which can be operated from separate control box.
  • Wedge tension jaw processed by advanced technology; Increase the stiffness of 
  • crosshead under high load and High intensity tests.
  • Powerful multifunctional control software will provide more testing methods to meet ASTM, ISO and other testing Standards.
  • Report Guide will create your testing report in only three steps.
  • Programable testing software makes LCF testing or cyclic testing become available. 
  • Overload protection will secure operators.

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