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VIBRATION INSTRUMENT Portable Balancer Model-7200A


Portable Balancer Model-7200A is one of VIBRATION INSTRUMENT use for Tracking filter, and type balancer also available as a stroboscopic balancer without a photo sensor. Equipped with a FFT function and an automatic sampling function as afrequency analyzer and printable on the built-in printer vibration testing.


  • Balancer Model-7200A
  • Extension cable for the pickup 30 meters long (with a cable drum)
  • Electro-dynamic pickup (selectable from S2037F-100, B9200, I-544)
  • Carrying bag
  • Stroboscope
  • Reflective type photosensor (optional)


Applicable vibration pickup 
electro-dynamic vibration velocity pickup
(Three types of pickup below are selectable by a trim switch.)
  • MODEL-2009
Sensitivity;10mV/mm/sInput impedance;10kΩ
  • B-9200
 Sensitivity;19.7mV/mm/sInput impedance;10kΩ
  • I-544
 Sensitivity;2.5mV/mm/sInput impedance;1MΩ
Vibration pickup input Channel A or Channel B (selectable)
Rotational signal input 
0?5V rise-up signal of 1 pulse per revolution 
For indication of revolution and phase reference of the tracking filter
AC OUT Vibration waveform output ±2V/FS?Output impedance 100Ω
Stroboscope output for the attached stroboscope (turned on and off by a switch)
Display Digital LED display and indicators
  • r.p.m. Indication / 500-10,000rpm Resolution 1rpm
  • Indication of FIL OUT vibration value / Overall vibration value
  • Indication of FIL IN vibration value / Filter pass value in Tracking or Man. Tune mode
  • Phase angle indication / 0 to 359 degrees angle between the rise of a revolution pulse and a positive peak of the vibration waveform of the component of revolution
  • LOCK indicator:Lights when the balancer is in synchronism with the revolution signal or the internal oscillator.
  • INPUT SEL indicator / Shows an input channel that is under measurement
  • Unit indicator:Lights to indicate an acceleration, velocity, or displacement
Analog meter 0-1 scale over 0-3 scale
  • FIL IN mode
 Shows the filter pass value in the Tracking or Man.Tune mode
  • FIL OUT mode
 Shows an overall vibration value
Printer A built-in thermal printer
 Prints out the result of current measurement at any timing
Captures vibration waveforms, performs FFT on them,
and prints out the resulting graph and a list of up to five peaks.
Prints out the result of measurement of a selected channel
under the specified conditions.
Range of vibration measuring frequency 10Hz~200Hz(±0.5dB)
Full scale range (10 dB step)  
  • Displacement
 1, 3.16, 10, 31.6, 100 ×1/100mm(P-P)FS
  • Velocity
 1, 3.16, 10, 31.6, 100 mm/s (Peak) Full scale
  • Acceleration
 1, 3.16, 10, 31.6 ,100 m/s2(Peak) Full scale
Stroboscopic balancer function
Flashes at a vibration phase filtered with a frequency of theinternal oscillator as the central frequency. (500-10,000rpm)
Automatic capture and print function 
Automatically captures vibration data according to OR of an r.p.m. change pitch and a time lapse pitch and prints out it together with time data.
Tracking filter function Automatic tuning with the signal from the revolution sensor by the tracking filter
Power supply AC100V±10V, Normally 1A or less, 2A fuse
Dimensions and weight (W)300×(H)123×(D)230mm,4.5kg

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