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VIBRATION INSTRUMENT Portable Balancer Model-7135


From field measurement to the output of work reports....
Model-7135 condenses functions and user-friendliness that enable efficient field balancing into a compact body.(Simple balancing without the need of removal)

Model-7135 is a portable balancer VIBRATION TESTING that can be easily rebalanced with the target rotary machine installed. The model provides comprehensive balancing when a dynamic balancing test with a rotor alone is impossible or after its assembly is completed, and other mobility performance that enables field work more efficiently. It is automatically tuned with a tracking filter, thus facilitating measurement work.
Outstanding (user-friendliness with special-purpose software)

Special-purpose software "Balance One" enables very efficient work in combination with a notebook PC. Balancing can be easily done by operating the keys while watching the screen of the notebook PC. What is more, the model comes with a report format (Excel-compatible), thus enabling the data to be used for reporting purposes. All you have to do then is to go back to the office and print them out. The work is now complete. The model is outstandingly user-friendly, with the capability of integrated processing from beginning to end.
(Various handy functions that increase its versatility)

Model 7135 is compatible with rotary machines from 180 to 30,000 rpm as a field balancer. It also allows users to select from among an acceleration sensor, speed sensor, and non-contact displacement sensor. It incorporates a vector output as well, thus enabling polarograms with an X-Y recorder and offering high versatility as a VIBRATION TESTER GAUGE, VIBRATION MONITOR, and tachometer.


Portable Balancer MODEL-7135 1pc Photo sensor extension cable (5m) CA3512-5 1pc
Electro dynamic pickup MODEL-2007 1pc Magnet stand MB-B 1pc
Pickup cable 5m CA2422-5 1pc Case ALM-1 1pc
Pickup -installing magnet MG-2 1pc Reflection tape for photo sensor REF-100 1pc
Photo sensor GSR-05R 1pc      

Electro dynamic Pickup (low-range compensation type, 10Hz and up) Model-2008
Electro dynamic Pickup (vertical, low- range compensation type) Model-2014
Electro dynamic Pickup (horizontal, low-range compensation type) Model-2015
Rebalancing calculator CAL-30


Applicable detectors
[Acceleration Pickup]
1V/10(m/s 2 ) (OP: 0.5 to 5V/10(m/s 2 ))2CH*
Capability to incorporate a power supply for servo Pickup or amplifier-equipped Pickup
[Velocity Pickup]
80mV/cm/s (OP: 50 to 500mV/cm/s) 2CH*
Capability of incorporating a low-range compensation circuit
[Displacement Pickup]
4V/mm (OP: 2 to 20V/mm) 2CH*
Capability of incorporating a drive power supply for non-contact Pickup
Note: When in a standard configuration, the model is for channel 6 "speed Pickup."
Number of input channels
6 channels at the maximum. Channel numbers for each Pickup can be changed from channel 1 to 6. 
With a channel selector, you can select and display any channel.
Rotary pulse input
Photo sensor or pulse signals 0 to +12V, pulse width 10 µs or more,
with a +12V power supply for driving the photo sensor
Vibration indication range
0.02 to 1000 µm (P-P), resolution: 0.01 µmp-p (high-sensitivity range)
Measurement range
3.16, 10, 31.6, 100, 316, 1000 m m (P-P) /FS
Frequency range
3 to 500 Hz ± 1 dB (depending on the frequency characteristics of the Pickup)
Tachometer indicator
180-30,000 rpm; resolution: 1 rpm
OVER and LOW lndicator
Indicators for appropriate range indication
[Waveform monitor output] ±5V/FS
[Vector output] ±5VDC for both X and Y
[Amplitude DC output] 0 to +5VDC
[Rotating speed DC output] 0 to ± 5VDC
Capability of data reading the control of range and filter on a PC D-SUB 25pin connector
Power supply
100V AC ±10V, 1A or less
Outside dimensions and weight
260 (W) x 100 (H) x 180 (D) mm (except for the lugs), approx. 2.3kg

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