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VIBRATION INSTRUMENT Charge Amplifier Model-4001b


This equipment is a micro-charge amplifier that amplifies charge signals virtually ranging from DC to 50 kHz. It is best suited for use in conjunction with a piezoelectric pressure sensor.
Simple, easy-to-use instrument engineered with emphasis on basic performance.
Discharge time constants selectable between LONG and SHORT.
Built-in output calibration signal (supplied from the power supply unit).
Compatible with various types of sensors, such as vibration, pressure, and force, as long as they are of the charge output type.
Ready for concurrent use with the charge amplifier Model-4035.


Charge Amplifier MODEL-4001B 4pc
Power Supply MODEL-4001-10 1pc
Channel Case MODEL-4035-21(4 Channel) 1pc
Instruction manual   1copy


Measuring Range 10.0-99.9pC/UNIT: 1,2,5,10,20,50,100UNIT/VOLT
Range Accuracy with ±1.5% (at 80Hz)
Frequency Response Range 10-100 ; DC-50KHz ±5%
  Range 5 ; DC-40KHz ±5%
  Range 2 ; DC-20KHz ±5%
  Range 1 ; DC-10KHz ±5%
Time Constant Short: Range ×0.1sec(Registance109Ω)
  Long : Range ×1000sec(Registance1013Ω min.)
Cut Off (0.16/TC)Hz
(Low Frequency)  
Linearity ±0.1%
Noise Level 0.1pC RMS max.
Drift ±0.03pC/S max.(Use DC Balance)
Reset Error ±0.5pC max.
Charge Input Max. ±100,000pC(Through Rate 5000pC/μs)
AC Output ±10V max. or ±5mA max.
Output Impedance 100Ω
Output Cal Signal 0-10V DC (Use Power Unit)
Over Load Lamp Go on when output voltage ±10.5V
Temperature Humidity 0-50°C,80%RH max.
Power Charge Amp Unit: ±15VDC 20mA max.
  Use Power Supply Unit: AC100V±10V
Weight Charge Amp Unit: 310g/CH
  Power Supply Unit: MODEL-4001-10: 800g
  4CH Case: MODEL-4035-21: 970g

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