Jumat, 29 September 2017

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME2110/2113


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is a device used to measure the thickness of an object / material. This is consistent with usage and direct view.


  • Free conversion between metric and imperial
  • Automatic calibration of zero point: automatically correct the system error
  • Automatic non-linear compensation: computer
  • software is used to correct the non- linear errors of the probe for the purpose of improving the accuracy
  • The upward and downward adjustment keys enable prompt selection of sound velocity, thickness, and check the thickness memory units
  • Prompt indication for coupling state 
  • Sound velocity can be measured according to the test block’s thickness
  • Ten thickness values can be stored without loss after turn-off
  • Sound velocity of five different materials can be stored directly needless to search in the conversion table
  • Low voltage indication and Automatic turn-off
  • Oil proof protection for longer service life


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