Jumat, 29 September 2017

TV310/TV320 Vibration Tester


TV310/320 vibration tester is equipped with piezoelectric It can convert the vibration signal into electric signal, and then the value of acceleration, velocity, displacement or spectrum will be displayed by analyzing the inputting signal.  TV310/320 is always used for normal vibration testing, especially for the vibration testing of rotating or reciprocating machines.


  • TV310 is equipped with low sensitivity probe, suitable for testing strong vibration signal.
  • TV320 is equipped with high sensitivity probe, suitable for testing weak vibration signal.
  • Two display modes: digital value mode and spectrum mode
  • Large memory function:100×100 measured results(100 testing points, 100 data can be stored in each testing points ); 100 Spectral chart
  • Spectrum chart can display in real time
  • Easy diagnosis: alarm is sounded when vibration go over limit set ,and get into spectrum mode
  • Testing results and spectrum chart can be printed out when connected to printer
  • 300×200 matrix LCD display, with backlight
  • Compared with TV300, the testing result of TV310/320 is more accurate and stable especially in low frequency


ModelTV310     TV320
Measuring range
Acceleration1m/s2~392 m/s2(Peak)0.1m/s2~20 m/s2(Peak)
Frequency range
Relative humidity≤80%
Dimension171× 78.5×28 (mm)
PowerLi battery (continuous working 20 hours)

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