Jumat, 29 September 2017

TT360 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


The principle of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is ultrasonic pulse reflection. The pulse was reflected back to the probe when the ultrasonic pulse sent by the probe reaches the material interface through the tested object. We can get the thickness of the measured material based on the accurate time that the ultrasonic transits in the material. Time Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge series are non-destructive testing instrument integrated with modern scientific electronic and measuring technology. They are equipped with microcomputers that can analyze, handle and display the current data. Furthermore, they are integrated with highly optimized measuring circuit, which makes them have the advantage of high measurement accuracy, wide measurement range, being easy to operate, stable working and so on. TT360 is the latest generation of portable ultrasonic thickness gauges that TIME GROUP launches. The double crystal probe and multiple reflection penetrating coating measurement mode has the advantage of no need to wipe off the coating of the tested point, which will save the time and cost for users.


  • Echo to echo measurement is available, it is used for measuring the distance between echo to echo, so users can get the thickness of steel plate even though it is covered by coating.
  • Advance and handheld ultrasonic thickness gauge
  • Transducer TSTU17 and TSTU32 are optional to measure various materials
  • Resolution 0.001mm and 0.01mm selectable.
  • Upper and lower limit of thickness measuring is set to mind users.
  • Memory: 500 readings
  • Review, edit and clean single readings and files
  • Data output to TIME TA230 printer or PC via RS232 port
  • Automatic identify the standard transducer


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