Selasa, 26 September 2017

The AGROSTA® 100Field


The AGROSTA®100Field is a very simple and efficient device, designed with a very strong housing in composite material and stainless steel.


The Agrosta®100Field is composed by a sensor linked to the main housing by a cable. The fruits can be taken and pressed one after each other - It is not necessary to validate, the data is automatically recorded and classified by batches. The average, homogeneity index and standard deviation are provided at the end of a batch All the memory (equivalent to 75 batches of 99 measurements) can be transfered to a PC thanks to COM_FIELD software (1 license for 1 computer provided with any new instrumen


Entirely produced in our company in France, the Agrosta®100Field is dedicated to the measurement of soft fruits and vegetables firmness. Exported to more than 45 countries, it is mainly used for :

  1. Cherries with more than 500 devices in service in the world for this fruit 
  2. Tomatoes, the most famous seeds companies like Monsanto, Lipman or Sakata Seeds are using this instrument for their researches 
  3. Blueberries fo which the Durofel index provided by the Agrosta is a reference worldwide 
  4. Apricots 
  5. Plums 
  6. Strawberries 
  7. Peaches & Nectarines 
  8. Olives

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