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Temperature sensors are available in three different models: TH-T, TH-PT100, and TH-TC. Model TH-T uses an exceptionally predictable 3 kΩ chip thermistor. The thermistor is encapsulated and sealed into a stainless steel or PVC cylindrical housing. Two lead wires are connected to the thermistor for readout. The TH-T incorporates the standard thermistor used in most vibrating wire instruments. Model TH-PT100 consists of a platinum resistor highly sensible to temperature. Platinum is well suited because of its stability at high temperature. A four- or three-wire bridge mounting gives a good measurement resolution with a portable bridge measurement device or a data acquisition system. The sensor is enclosed inside a stainless
steel housing, which allows grouting while offering resistance to strain. Model TH-TC is a thermocouple consisting of a twin solid thermocouple wire AWG 24, covered by a 0.38-mm thick PVC jacket and encapsulated in a PVC protective housing. It is usually connected with an extension wire, which will be connected to a readout unit. The thermocouple and extension wires are copper-constantan alloy (type T).


The temperature sensor series TH provides a reliable means to monitor temperature in rock, concrete, soil, grout or ground fi ll. Applications include the monitoring of:
  • Dams and bridges
  • Buildings and tunnel linings
  • Infl uence of instrument temperature


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