Rabu, 27 September 2017

QT-050B1 Vertical Torque Tester


Vertical Torque Tester.This tester is vertical type, is used for testing torque force under 50N-M, like bottle cap, electrical component, able process breaking torque, torsion fatigue and angle of torsion fatigue test, and increase positive press on specimen. Length of specimen can be adjusted by up and down function of machine


Specs  Description
 Capacity  5N-M?10N-M?20N-M?50N-M
 Resolution  1/10,000
 Space  Ø 150 mm
 Travel (specimen length)  200mm(Max.)
 Dimension  65 × 40 × 92(h) cm
 Weight  90 Kgs
 Speed  0.2200 rpm adjustable

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