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VIBRATION METER Universal Model-1607


This a VIBRATION METER is a General-purpose type small vibrometer capable of measuring three modes of acceleration, velocity and displacement. Wide-band and capable of measuring from a minute level to a large level. Maneuverable in field measurement because of the small size and use of dry cells. Capable of selecting a band matching a measurement object because of the built-in high-pass/low-pass filter. Capable of wave analysis and level recording with the attached AC and DC output terminals. Capable of appropriately using various sensors with ease by the easy setting of the sensor’s sensitivity. Capable of using a remote charge converter and a detector with a built-in preamp in addition to an ordinary charge-output type detector.


Charge VibrometerMODEL-16071pc
Dry cell(6LR61)4pc
Instruction manual1copy
AC  adaptor(AC100V)1pc
Piezoelectric PickupMODEL-2300A1pc
Low noise cableLNC-1A-3(3m)1pc


Charge Input Connector (BNC Connector on the front panel)
Pickup Sensitivity (pC)PU SENS×1:1.00-9.9pC/G
PU SENS×10:10.0-99.9pC/G
Max input charge10,000pC
 Voltage Input Connector (BNC Connector on the real panel)
Pickup Sensitivity (mV)PU SENS×1:1.00-9.99mV/G
PU SENS×10:10.0-99.9mV/G
Max input±10V
Supply current0.4-4mA (internal volume)
 Remote Charge Converter Input (Option)
Pickup Sensitivity (mV)PU SENS×1:1.00-9.99mV/G
PU SENS×10:10.0-99.9mV/G
Max input voltage±10V
IndicatorProvided with dual scale 0-1,0-3 to indicate the
magnitude of amplitude selected with the meter selector
or battery voltage.
Overload lampWhen the linear range is exceeded in the internal circuit,LED lamp is on.
AC OUT(BNC)Vibration waveform output
±1V/FS Output resistance 100Ω 5mA Max.current
DC OUT(BNC)Trend recording as level output
0-1VDC Output resistance 100Ω 5mA Max.current
 Measuring Range
ACC1(G)1Hz-50kHz(1dB), 2Hz-20kHz(0.5dB)
PU SENS×10:0.0316/0.1-100/316/FS
PU SENS×1:0.316/1-1000/3160/FS
ACC2(m/s2)1Hz-50kHz(1dB), 2Hz-20kHz(0.5dB)
PU SENS×10:0.316/1-1000/3160/FS
PU SENS×1:3.16/10-10000/31600/FS
PU SENS×10:0.316/1-1000/3160/FS
PU SENS×1:3.16/10-10000/31600/F
PU SENS×10:0.1/0.316-316/1000/FS
PU SENS×1:1/3.16-3160/10000/FS
PU SENS×10:0.01/0.0316-31.6/100/FS
PU SENS×1:0.1/0.316-316/1000/FS
High-pass filter(Hz)OUT(1Hz)/3/10/30/100
Low-pass filter(Hz)300/1k/3k/10k/OUT(50KHz)
The Others
AccuracyWithin 3% at 80Hz,100pC input
Cal signal80Hz,±1V max. sinusoidal wave
Power supplyDry cell LR6×4(DC6V)
Continuous use more than 5 hours
Temperature, Humidity0-50ºC,90%RH max.

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