Jumat, 14 November 2014

Parallel-plate viscometer (spread meter)No.2288

The spread meter is one of methods for measuring fluidity of lithography and letterpress printing inks. This instrument is used to determine "spread" of ink. Test principle: a certain amount of ink is placed between two parallel plates, to deform the ink by dead weight of the plates. Along with time elapsed, the ink spreads in circular shape. With increase of the circular area, pressure applied on the ink decreases. After a certain length of time, the diameter of the spread ink is measured. Yield value is determined from the ink spreading speed.


Glass plate dimensions150x100x mm
Glass plate weight115 + 1 g
Specimen hole size10 + 0.03 mm in inner diameter
Specimen hole volume0.5 cm3
Referential standardJIS K-5701-2000
Outer dimensions150x150x160 mm
Instrument weight2 Kg

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